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So as some of you may (or may not) know I’ve been in Korea for the past five months so I wanted to know if you guys had any questions! I can focus on mainly questions about K-Pop fandom or life in Korea and how it works or you can ask me any general questions! Just leave me an ask and I will be making a video with all of your questions!

I have various Bangtan, Infinite and Topp Dogg photocards for sale

For Bangtan, I have every single member for sale from School Love Affair. For Infinite, I only have Dongwoo and Hoya left. For Topp Dogg, I have Nakta, Yano, Hojoon and Xero.

Will mail them to anywhere in the US/Canada. Other parts of the world are negotiable and prices may be subject to increase. Looking for 10 USD for each unless you are willing to buy multiples, then you can offer me a lower price depending on how many you are purchasing. Message me for details if you are interested.

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I should probably stop falling in love with band members and try to get an actual boyfriend

can y’all send me good vibes to read on the train tomorrow???


i have a big day tomorrow and i’m really scared i’m going to fuck up or something bad is going to happen on my drive, and i’m not gonna go into the rest but i am a basket of nerves :( 


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[Fancam] 140712 Kidoh - From Trainee To Artist | do not reupload
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everyone, i need your help. i have to destroy shindong. but due to his size and his power, i need $17,000 for weapons of mass destruction. all donations will be made directly to my house. signal boost this to aid me in my journey to stop him. thank you.

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140705 탑독 평택 팬사인회 낙타 

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140705 탑독 평택 팬사인회 (Topp Dogg Pyeongtaek Fansign Fanaccount)

THIS WAS MY LAST TOPP DOGG FANSIGN ;A; I had so much fun with the boys over the past month and I am sad that I wasn’t able to stay to see them finish off promotions but I am still watching and supporting them from the States! The boys sat in album order as always~ And I was number 6!

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