hey everyone


im going to be taking a 15 minute hiatus from tumblr to take a shower. i have a queue set up so don’t worry. please don’t try to miss me too much!!!

You keep my heart under the cover of night
Could be the devil in a clever disguise
Temptation leads us, it’s too late for goodbye
Say you’re here on my side
Want you here on my side
Come undone with me


[130909] 1yr ago Myungsoo surprised fandom with a $1000+ laptop to Sungyeol as a belated birthday gift | ♡ Myungyeol


You feel much more closer to a group after you’ve met them in real life.

Sungjong for Vogue Girl

  • Guy: my dick is hard
  • Girl: to find

1992 ♡ 2014
Go Eun Bi